Individuals can apply to senex Private Investigator firm to defend their interests. The firm’s investigators will bring them all their know-how and skills in the following areas.

Person search

A person search can relate to a search for their biological parents, the search for a debtor or a tenant who left without leaving an address, or even to find a missing loved one in order to reconnect.

Indeed, the course of life sometimes leads us to wish to find a past knowledge, a lost love or a lost loved one. Given the past years and the lack of information about it, using a private investigator is often the best way to go.

Finding a professional will be faster and the chances of being successful will be higher.
People searches can also affect a debtor who has left without leaving an address. In this specific case, the latter will not be able to invoke the protection of his private life to prevent his address from being disclosed.


For about 20 years, about one in two marriages has led to a divorce. While the civil law has undergone several profound reforms with regard to divorce, the main principles remain the same.

domnestic investigations

A divorce is a human separation under sometimes difficult conditions, and it also includes a certain heritage issue. This is why it is important to surround yourself well in such a situation in order to best manage the financial dimension.

Indeed, a divorce decree has long-term consequences and it is essential not to hesitate to defend your own interests to preserve your living conditions, your future and that of your children.

The SENEX agency intervenes to prove the partner’s fault, draw up an exhaustive statement of the patrimonial and income situation of the spouse. These investigations make it possible to best negotiate the compensatory allowance and the alimony requested from the opposing party.

Lastly, the agency carries out inquiries of morality in order to verify the lifestyle of the ex-spouse to know if this one is compatible with the guard of the children.

Apart from interventions in the context of a divorce, the SENEX investigator firm helps parents when they have difficulty raising their children. This is how investigators can be mandated to check a child’s schedule, attendance, habits and outings.

The elements reported by SENEX may be compared with the information already available to the parents. Thus, a precise diagnosis of the situation can be made in order to find the appropriate solutions to improve things.
The firm also intervenes in the protection of minors after a runaway or a parental abduction.

Real estate

The real estate sector is an area in which the private investigator has a very diverse added value as there are many possibilities to use his services.

Of course, it is possible to contact the agency for any search for a tenant who has gone off on a wooden bell. SENEX will find this indelicate tenant so that the rents can be recovered. If necessary, investigations will be carried out to find solvent elements to be seized. The bank direct debits will be particularly targeted to allow a seizure-attribution.

Still in real estate matters, the SENEX agency can provide you with proof of a prohibited sublease, that the holder of the lease is not the occupant of the premises or even in order to carry out a pre-rental survey on the candidate. for hire. This consists of verifying the authenticity of the documents in his rental file and carrying out an employer verification.


The SENEX firm carries out inheritance inquiries and in particular genealogical research in the context of successions or privately. Most often mandated by a notary in the case of estate searches, the firm will be responsible for identifying the heirs and assigns of a deceased person.

Indeed, it happens that successions cannot be liquidated insofar as heirs are unknown. The phenomenon has increased with globalization and the dispersal of family members around the world.
Once identified, the targeted persons must be found. This is an exclusive prerogative of the private search agent, or private detective, because it is essential to have an approval from the Ministry of the Interior for the search of people.

If it is a purely informative and private research, the firm is often directly mandated by the person wishing to obtain details on its origins.
This type of research can, for example, concern people born to unknown parents and who wish to find their roots.

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