The agency senex is a regular correspondent of many auxiliaries of justice. The investigations carried out vary according to the nature of the legal professional.


The senex agency is regularly asked to locate the address of the opposite party. This preliminary step allows to proceed to his summons, to serve him a decision of justice.
Subsequently, if it is necessary to start a forced execution, senex is able to find solvency elements (bank domiciliation, employer, movable property or real estate …)
This solvency investigation can also be conducted before, or during, trial, in order to take precautionary measures.

In addition, depending on the nature of the file or the specialty of the law firm, senex is able to provide different types of services.
It is possible to browse the menus of the website to discover all the services offered by the agency: intellectual property, unfair competition, divorce …

The senex agency has a privileged relationship with many law firms in Paris and the provinces.

County court bailiff

One of the main prerogatives of bailiffs is to make findings and seizures. To do this, it is sometimes necessary to locate the places to better fit the statement or seizures that follow. Thus, the investigators of senex Detective can precisely locate the addresses to be transported, check the means of access to a local, ensure that the personnel or persons targeted by the acts are present …
All these prior arrangements generally contribute to the proper completion of findings or seizures (seizure-forgery, seizure-sale …)

In addition, senex Detective accompanies the bailiffs in their daily missions: the service of an act and the execution of court decisions.

senex Détective is able to find the domiciliation of debtors and their assets to seize: bank domiciliation, employer, real estate assets and any other element allowing to carry out a forced execution.


senex collaborates regularly with the studies of notaries in the identification of heirs and rights holders through genealogical research. This genealogical investigation work is essential for the liquidation of estates and between folding in the field of competence of the private investigator.
More and more investigative offices are doing genealogy and senex is one of them.

Once the heirs and rights holders have been identified, the second step is to physically find these people. This work falls under the exclusive competence of the private investigator because the approval issued by the CNAPS is mandatory for any private research.


The agency senex accompanies the auctioneers when they need to identify or trace the origin of property ownership. This can also be done on behalf of a third party.
Morality surveys on landlords can also be conducted.

senex private investigator owns an establishment boulevard des Italiens in Paris 9th near the famous auction house Drouot. This facilitates his reports and his investigations with the professionals of the sector.
Finally, its network of correspondents throughout the world allows it to conduct international surveys.

Legal representatives and ad hoc agents

More than judicial auxiliaries, judicial agents and ad hoc agents are outside auxiliaries.
In the missions that are theirs, the senex agency can help them in the management of the customer balance of the companies they support.
Indeed, it is often the case that the companies in receivership are creditor of other companies and that it is necessary to proceed to the rapid recovery of its debts.
SENEX Detective provides assistance to facilitate and accelerate the recovery of receivables.

Contact SENEX Detective on +33-1-88-33-50-55 or using the form on the contact page.

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