The SENEX Detective agency is regularly contacted by various media in order to carry out interviews and reports. The agency refuses almost all of the requests and explains why.

Television and private detective

Given the nature of our profession, it is impossible for us to participate in any audio-visual report. Our investigators must imperatively maintain their anonymity so as not to compromise their coverages.

In addition, the profession of private detective is subject to numerous television reports, which are often exhilarating and sensational. These reports convey a distorted and degrading image for serious investigative professionals.

SENEX Detective categorically refuses to endorse this and thus refuses to participate in these mainstream shows where the cuckold squad is hard at work.


The radio channel is less sensational and offers a wider range of discussion. Often live, the radio allows fewer montages betraying the reality of an exchange. The only obstacle is that the shows are filmed today.

All requests for radio broadcasts must be made using the form on the contact page of the website. Requests regarding company investigations are privileged given the positioning of the SENEX Private Detective agency.

Written press

Articles and reports in the print media are rarer for private detectives and are sometimes written in the form of discreet investigations by journalists.

The SENEX Detective agency is not closed to collaborating with the written press from the moment the exchange is sincere and comes out of the image of Epinal, false and caricatured.


Any collaboration will be studied according to the project. Any request must be made via the contact form provided on the dedicated page.