The agency SENEX Private Detective carries out investigations aimed at companies, big or small. These investigations are carried out with the greatest respect for the French legislative framework and the resulting investigation reports can be used in court if necessary. The main areas of expertise of the agency SENEX Detective can be broken down into five major areas.

Unfair competition

The means used by businesses to build up their clientele and retain it must respect certain principles enshrined in the case law. The business world is therefore governed by customs and rules of loyalty and any offending act is said to be disloyal.

The case law lists four types of acts of unfair competition: denigration, confusion, parasitism and disorganization.

When a company is the victim of acts of unfair competition, SENEX Private Detective collects evidence of these unfair acts so that justice can act with full knowledge of the facts and the best interests of our client are defended.

NB: we must distinguish between non-compliance with a non-competition clause and an unfair act. In the first case, the contractual civil liability is committed because of the disloyalty of the employee towards his employer, in the second case, the tort liability is engaged because of unfair practices.

Disloyalty of an employee / disloyalty of a partner

business investigationsThe disloyalty of the employee or a partner is another area of ​​expertise of SENEX Detective.

The agency SENEX Private Detective accompanies business leaders to control their employees or associates in the strict respect of the law and jurisprudence.

Employee surveys can be initiated before hiring to verify the career path of a candidate. In addition to pre-employment and CV verification surveys, a graphological analysis is often proposed.

The controls of SENEX Detective can also take place during the employee’s contract of employment: control of arrest of illness of convenience, search on the origin of the theft of cash or goods within the company, control of employment of the employee. employee time …

Finally, it is possible to carry out checks on employees after leaving the company if the latter has signed a non-compete clause.

Thus, SENEX Detective checks if the clause is respected and collects the necessary evidence to defend the interests of the employer.

Competitive intelligence : Company and Officer Surveys

A contractor may need information about another company, a future partner, a business partner, a customer, a supplier …

This need for information can be part of a competitive context, of a business relationship, before an investment …

The strategic information collected by SENEX Detective is a decision aid to limit risks and make the best possible decision.

All these investigations, commercial, financial or morality are intended for a public of professionals to help them in the development of their business.


Anti-counterfeiting is one of the specialties of SENEX. Any form of infringement of intellectual property rights must be pursued to obtain a criminal sanction and / or civil compensation.

SENEX intervenes before any procedure, whether civil or criminal. The intervention of the agency can be sequenced in three successive stages:

  1. as a first step, a monitoring service is offered to the holders of intellectual property rights. This watch is both physical and computer.
  2. secondly, when counterfeit goods are discovered, our investigators will seek to identify the natural and legal persons who hide behind these trades
  3. finally, in order to initiate legal proceedings in the best conditions and obtain the best possible results, further investigations may be initiated.

Debt recovery assistance

Once the customer balance is carried out on the occasion of their balance sheet, business leaders often find that invoices remain unpaid despite several customer reminders.

The files are then forwarded to the group’s legal department and this task is outsourced to a debt collection company or even to a lawyer.

However everything remains to be done.

Thus, SENEX Detective intervenes at two stages of the recovery procedure.

At first, to find the debtor’s domiciliation if it has disappeared, and, in a second time, to find solvency elements of the latter. This solvency investigation can be used to take precautionary measures before a legal procedure, or for the purpose of enforcing a court decision.

Contact SENEX Detective on +33-1-88-33-50-55 or using the form on the contact page.

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