Surveillance and spinning remain one of the main means of investigation for the private detective, although the techniques and means of investigation have been much diversified, notably thanks to the multiplication of the databases, and to the evolution of the technological means.

Also, depending on the needs of the file, and the means of investigation available, shadowing should be preferred.

Walking spinning or motorized shadowing

The means put in place for the spinning of a person requires to adapt to its modes of transport. Thus, it would not be clever to shadow someone in a car, while walking on foot. In this case, spinning is necessary.
In general, the mode of shadowing privileged by the private detective is the exact copy of the means of transport of the followed person: a walking and public transit target is shadowed on foot and by public transport, a target in two motorized wheels is followed with two motorized wheels, a bike is followed by bike (or two motorized wheels)…

Urban spinning, and surveillance in the open country

The spinning of a car depends on the environment in which the target moves. If the target moves in urban areas, a two-wheeler is preferred, because it goes unnoticed and can more easily cope with heavy traffic. This is even imperative if the target is traveling by taxi, because a car can not travel in the lanes reserved for them.

On the other hand, in rural or peri-urban areas, a car is preferred for shadowing a car. Indeed, the number of two-wheelers outside cities is reduced, and a follower in two-wheels may attract attention.
This is all more true that before the departure of a spinning, and the arrival of the target, the wait is often long and a biker who is waiting for hours near a home or a work place is difficult to overlook.

Association of several followers

It should be noted that the population’s locomotion means have experienced a revolution ? With the emergence of UBER and other VTC companies. With the gradual disappearance of private vehicles in major cities, habits and means of transport have changed, a mode of travel is sometimes chosen at the very last moment.

Thus, it is not uncommon to use in the same week public transport, VTC and a personal vehicle.

Also, the private investigator had to adapt to these upheavals. Consequently, in urban areas in particular, in order to anticipate various means of transport, senex private investigator firm puts several shadowers in place with different means of locomotion.

This combination of different shadowing modes helps to prevent any eventuality, and considerably reduces the risk of loss of the person being followed. In addition, the presence of several followers offers better observation points for monitoring before and after spinning.

Moreover, the presence of several followers for a shadowing in an airport or a train station is essential.

Finally, remember that the use of GPS beacons as an aid to shadowing is prohibited, and that the private detective is the only professional legally authorized to carry out shadowing.

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