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François-Xavier Susini, promoter by profession, announced the construction of the largest and most luxurious chalet in the world, the Apopka chalet. Located in the highly rated ski resort of Courchevel in the French Alps, the construction site has finally come to a halt and a private detective is investigating the promoter of the project.

Courchevel was to host the most beautiful chalet in the world

The developer François-Xavier Susini had announced with great fanfare the construction of a wonderful chalet of four thousand square meters, including two thousand square meters of living space.

private detective courchevel franceThe greatest French and foreign fortunes were bound to hurry and find their happiness among the eight suites, one of which is one hundred and twenty square meters.

The chalet was to have a twenty-six-meter swimming pool, sauna and steam room as well as a jacuzzi.

The six-story chalet was to accommodate up to fifteen people in dreamy conditions.

But to date, the site has come to a standstill because of a conflict between the developer and its suppliers.

A dispute with the promoter François-Xavier Susini

The local companies which ensured the construction of the Apopka chalet denounce unpaid bills amounting to three million euros.

Opposite, François-Xavier Susini indicates that if the companies have not been paid, it is because of flagrant defects or because of delivery times that have been greatly exceeded.

The town planning and security commission of the department in charge of the security of establishments open to the public should have planned a new check.

At the end of it, it is to be hoped that the work will resume its course.

A private detective investigates the promoter’s activities in Courchevel

As part of the conflict between the developer and local businesses, a private detective was hired to investigate François-Xavier Susini. The detective’s principal wishes to find out about his professional activities.

No doubt he will test his solvency, assess the extent of his income and conduct a morality investigation to see if it is his habit to leave local entrepreneurs behind.

François-Xavier Susini is originally from Ajaccio and is domiciled in Switzerland. He is the former boss of Caves de Courchevel, Courch’s very jet-set nightclub ’and has been or still is the manager of several restaurants in the resort.

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